please note that the base price is the approximate MRP of these items. The actual MRP may vary. However, the prices are as mentioned for the actuals and selling.


CompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
7 CM ELECRRIC of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers13491133.6415
7 CM COLOUR of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers16191154.218
10 CM ELECTRIC of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers17091164.4819
7 CM GREEN of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers17991174.7620
7 CM RED of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers20591195.3223
10CM COLOUR of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers22391215.8825
10 CM GREEN of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers25991246.7229
10 CM RED of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers29591277.5634
12 CM ELECTRIC of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers33091308.438
12 CM COLOUR of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers38491359.844
12 CM GREEN of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers393913610.0845
12 CM RED of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers401913710.3646
15 CM ELECTRIC of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers544914913.7262
30 CM ELECTRIC of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers544914913.7262
30 CM COLOUR of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers606915515.469
30 CM GREEN of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers704916417.9281
15 CM COLOUR of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers740916718.7685
30 CM RED of Nayagi BrandNayagiSparklers740916718.7685
7 cm electric / plain Bobby StandardStandardSparklers12891123.3614
7 cm coloured Bobby StandardStandardSparklers14891143.9217
12 cm electric StandardStandardSparklers36391339.2441
12 cm coloured Jimmy StandardStandardSparklers37391349.5243
12 cm 4 color sparklers StandardStandardSparklers432913910.9249
12 cm green StandardStandardSparklers432913910.9249
12 cm red StandardStandardSparklers432913910.9249
15 cm plain StandardStandardSparklers520914713.1659
15 cm plain StandardStandardSparklers520914713.1659
30 cm plain StandardStandardSparklers559915114.2864
12 cm 4 color sparklersStandardSparklers579915314.8466
15 cm coloured StandardStandardSparklers579915314.8466
30 cm coloured StandardStandardSparklers647915916.5274
Magnificent 5 sparklers StandardStandardSparklers804917320.4492
30 cm 5 color Sparklers StandardStandardSparklers971918824.64111
50 cm plain StandardStandardSparklers11969110830.24137
50 cm plain StandardStandardSparklers11969110830.24137
50 cm coloured StandardStandardSparklers13439112133.88154
60 cm StandardStandardSparklers14909113537.8171
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
Sound Crackers
COLOUR ROCKET of Nayagi BrandNayagiSound Crackers704916417.9281
ROCKET BOMB (DELUXE) of Nayagi BrandNayagiSound Crackers722916518.283
FLOWER POTS SUPER of Nayagi BrandNayagiSound Crackers12579111431.92144
LUNIK EXPRESS of Nayagi BrandNayagiSound Crackers16049114540.6184
2 SOUND ROCKET of Nayagi BrandNayagiSound Crackers16769115142.28193
2 3/4 Laxmi / Sparrow Standard"StandardSound Crackers11891113.0813
3 1/2 Laxmi Standard"StandardSound Crackers17291164.4819
3 1/2 Samrat Asoka Standard"StandardSound Crackers20491195.3223
3 1/2 Double Sound Standard"StandardSound Crackers25791246.7229
4 Laxmi / Peacock Standard"StandardSound Crackers27891267.2832
4 Krishna Standard"StandardSound Crackers33291308.438
4 Double Sound / Red Green Standard"StandardSound Crackers407913710.3646
5 Jumbo Standard"StandardSound Crackers439914011.250
Cake Bomb Green StandardStandardSound Crackers503914612.8858
Red Bijili StandardStandardSound Crackers530914813.4461
Hydrogen Bomb Green StandardStandardSound Crackers813917420.7293
Thunder Bomb StandardStandardSound Crackers984918924.92113
KARGIL ATTACK of Nayagi BrandNayagiSound Crackers13379112133.88154
POWER RANGER of Nayagi BrandNayagiSound Crackers12849111632.48148
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
100 Lar Natesh / JayadeviJayadeviLars1759115.7520.1636
200 Lar Natesh / JayadeviJayadeviLars3509131.540.3272
300 Lar Natesh / JayadeviJayadeviLars4759142.7554.7298
600 Lar Natesh / JayadeviJayadeviLars9509185.5109.44195
1000 Lar Natesh / JayadeviJayadevi / NateshLars27509124869.44316
2000 Lar Natesh / JayadeviJayadevi / NateshLars620091558156.24714
3000 Lar Natesh / JayadeviJayadevi / NateshLars900091810226.81036
5000 Lar Natesh / JayadeviJayadevi / NateshLars11750911058296.241353
10000 Lar Natesh / JayadeviJayadevi / NateshLars22850912057575.962632
100 WALA GARLAND of NayagiNayagiLars570915214.5665
200 WALA GARLAND of NayagiNayagiLars11639110529.4134
300 WALA GARLAND of NayagiNayagiLars18459116746.76212
600 WALA GARLAND of NayagiNayagiLars34899131588.2402
1000 WALA GARLAND of NayagiNayagiLars502891453126.84580
2000 WALA GARLAND of NayagiNayagiLars1011291911255.081164
3000 WALA GARLAND of NayagiNayagiLars16038911444404.321847
5000 WALA GARLAND of NayagiNayagiLars24555912210618.82828
10000 WALA GARLAND of NayagiNayagiLars491019144201237.65656
28 REDFORT Medium StandardStandardLars24691236.4428
28 REDFORT Giant StandardStandardLars37391349.5243
56 REDFORT Medium StandardStandardLars481914412.3255
100 Lar StandardStandardLars574915214.5666
24 REDFORT Deluxe StandardStandardLars657916016.875
56 REDFORT Giant StandardStandardLars657916016.875
200 Lar StandardStandardLars11389110328.84131
48 REDFORT Deluxe StandardStandardLars12359111231.36142
50's REDFORT Ashoka StandardStandardLars13639112334.44157
300 Lar StandardStandardLars16199114640.88186
600 Lar StandardStandardLars31059128078.4357
1000 Lar StandardStandardLars581091523146.44669
2000 Lar StandardStandardLars11620911046292.881338
3000 Lar StandardStandardLars17819911604449.122052
5000 Lar StandardStandardLars27113912441683.483123
10000 Lar StandardStandardLars526789147421327.86068
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
Gift Boxes
Prize Standard (16 items)StandardGift Boxes31659128579.8364
God's Gift Standard (18 items)StandardGift Boxes409691369103.32471
Super Standard (23 items)StandardGift Boxes468491422118.16539
Victoria (Children - 24 items) StandardStandardGift Boxes564691509142.52650
Great Standard (28 items)StandardGift Boxes578591521145.88666
Wonderful Standard (31 items)StandardGift Boxes683391615172.2787
Eiffel Tower (Fancy - 22 items) StandardStandardGift Boxes748591674188.72862
Bengal Tiger (Children - 27 items) StandardStandardGift Boxes775291698195.44893
Bang Bang Standard (Sound)StandardGift Boxes800991721201.88922
Fantastic Standard (34 items)StandardGift Boxes800991721201.88922
Khushi Standard (36 items)StandardGift Boxes963491868243.041109
Jubilee Standard (38 items)StandardGift Boxes1097091988276.641263
Diamond Standard (41 items)StandardGift Boxes12168911096306.881401
Titan Standard (46 items)StandardGift Boxes14082911268355.041622
Assortment Bag StandardStandardGift Boxes24015912162605.362766
New Paradise Standard (50 items)StandardGift Boxes25939912335653.82988
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
Flower Pots
FLOWER POTS SMALL of Nayagi BrandNayagiFlower Pots571915214.5665
FLOWER POTS BIG of Nayagi BrandNayagiFlower Pots1052919526.6121
FLOWER POTS BIG RED & GREEN of Nayagi BrandNayagiFlower Pots12669111431.92145
FLOWER POTS SPECIAL of Nayagi BrandNayagiFlower Pots13999112635.28161
GILI - 5 PCS of Nayagi BrandNayagiFlower Pots14359113036.4165
FLOWER BOMB of Nayagi BrandNayagiFlower Pots15699114239.76180
FLOWER POTS DELUXE of Nayagi BrandNayagiFlower Pots18279116546.2210
FLOWER POTS GIANT of Nayagi BrandNayagiFlower Pots23629121359.64272
COLOUR KOTI of Nayagi BrandNayagiFlower Pots25759123264.96296
Flower Pots Small StandardStandardFlower Pots598915415.1268
Flower Pots Big StandardStandardFlower Pots902918222.96104
Flower Pots Special StandardStandardFlower Pots12759111532.2146
Flower Pots Green StandardStandardFlower Pots16379114841.44188
Flower Pots Deluxe StandardStandardFlower Pots23829121560.2274
Golden Whistle StandardStandardFlower Pots24129121861.04277
Color Fountain StandardStandardFlower Pots24709122362.44284
Jade Fountains StandardStandardFlower Pots24709122362.44284
Flower Pots Giant StandardStandardFlower Pots26769124167.48308
Tri Colour Pots StandardStandardFlower Pots29029126273.36334
Millenium spl Tri Colour Pots StandardStandardFlower Pots32649129482.32376
Crackling King StandardStandardFlower Pots37059133493.52426
Tower Pots StandardStandardFlower Pots550991496138.88634
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
Fancy Novelties
1 1/2 Twinkling Star Standard"StandardFancy Novelties35391328.9640
2 Twinkling Star Standard"StandardFancy Novelties54991501463
4 Twinkling Star Standard"StandardFancy Novelties1049919526.6120
Assorted Cartoons StandardStandardFancy Novelties33491318.6838
Colour Changing Butterfly (5 pcs) StandardStandardFancy Novelties736916718.7684
Colour Changing Butterfly StandardStandardFancy Novelties12169111030.8140
Confetti ( 40 cms ) StandardStandardFancy Novelties19809117950.12228
Electric Stones StandardStandardFancy Novelties500914512.657
Fire Pencils Deluxe - Magnetic Torch StandardStandardFancy Novelties11189110128.28128
Magic Spray - StandardStandardFancy Novelties13049111833.04150
Magic Whip StandardStandardFancy Novelties559915114.2864
Multi Color Candles - StandardStandardFancy Novelties745916819.0485
Multi Colour Candle StandardStandardFancy Novelties1000919025.2115
Rainbow fog ( 2 colours ) StandardStandardFancy Novelties22259120156.28256
Rainbow fog ( 5 colours ) StandardStandardFancy Novelties589191531148.68678
Rang Goli (50 pieces) StandardStandardFancy Novelties465691420117.6536
Roll Caps StandardStandardFancy Novelties902918222.96104
Swastik Wheels StandardStandardFancy Novelties19219117348.44221
TV Tower StandardStandardFancy Novelties16769115142.28193
BLITZ 5 PCS of Nayagi BrandNayagiFancy Novelties14359113036.4165
GOLDEN ASHRAFI of Nayagi BrandNayagiFancy Novelties14979113537.8172
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
10.5 G.CHAKKAR BIG - 10 of Nayagi BrandNayagiChakkars38491359.844
7.5 G.CHAKKAR MEDIUM of Nayagi Brand"NayagiChakkars678916217.3678
21 G.CHAKKAR SPECIAL of Nayagi Brand"NayagiChakkars811917320.4493
G.C.SPECIAL RED & GREEN of Nayagi BrandNayagiChakkars1007919125.48116
31 G.CHAKKAR DELUXE of Nayagi Brand"NayagiChakkars16939115342.84195
OYAE - OYAE of Nayagi BrandNayagiChakkars32629129482.32375
Zamin Chakkar Ashoka StandardStandardChakkars785917119.8890
Zamin Chakkar Big Red & Green (10 pcs) StandardStandardChakkars873917922.12100
Zamin Chakkar Big (25 pcs) StandardStandardChakkars1049919526.6120
Zamin Chakkar Deluxe StandardStandardChakkars12759111532.2146
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
Aerial Shots
12 Shots Hindustan / SimilarHindustan / SimilarAerial Shots19509117649.28225
30 Shots Hindustan / SimilarHindustan / SimilarAerial Shots500091450126576
60 shots Hindustan / SimilarHindustan / SimilarAerial Shots10000919002521152
120 Shots Hindustan / SimilarHindustan / SimilarAerial Shots150009113503781728
240 Shots Hindustan / SimilarHindustan / SimilarAerial Shots300009127007563456
7 SHOT (5 PCS) of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots11599110529.4133
STRAW BERRY STARS of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots18279116546.2210
12 SHOT 12 COLOUR of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots20509118551.8236
SWEET SIXTEEN of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots20509118551.8236
12 IDIOTS of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots22199120056255
BEN TEX of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots22199120056255
POP CORN of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots22199120056255
PHIR PIL DIL HAI HINDUSTANI of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots23359121159.08269
BLACK THUNDER of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots26569124067.2306
MIRANDA GOLD (YELLOW) of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots26569124067.2306
ROYAL SALUTE of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots27729125070319
AUDI of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots29949127075.6345
DIL MAANAGE MORE of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots31649128579.8364
CHAKKA - LAKKA STAR of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots32089128980.92369
DECCAN CHARGES of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots34849131487.92401
KNIGHT RIDERS of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots34849131487.92401
25 SHOT of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots415391374104.72478
LITTLE STARS (RED) of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots426891385107.8491
WHIZZ WHIZZ of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots498191449125.72573
PULSER of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots509791459128.52587
I 25 of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots581991524146.72670
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
I PAD of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots581991524146.72670
X BOX of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots581991524146.72670
XXL of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots581991524146.72670
WHISTLING 25 of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots620291559156.52714
ALL ROUNDER of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
GREEN JEWELLERY of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
GREEN MATRIX of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
HELLO HERO of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
MAD MAX of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
NAYAGARA FALLS of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
OOH LA LA DELUXE of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
RAW POWER of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
RED DIAMOND FILTER of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
RED MATRIX of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
ROMANCE of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
SIM CITY of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
SPEED 30 of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
WWW.COM of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
YOLLOW MATRIX of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots720091648181.44829
BURJ KHALIFA of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots808291728203.84931
NANJING of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots808291728203.84931
PETRONAS of Nayagi Brand. price for pack of 2NayagiAerial Shots808291728203.84931
SEARS of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots808291728203.84931
SHANGHAI of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots808291728203.84931
50 SHOT of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots842091758212.24970
MIMIC MAGIC of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots957991863241.641103
SPEED 60 (PARTY BOX) of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots14060911266354.481619
DANDIYA of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots20698911863521.642384
JAI -HO of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots20698911863521.642384
BLUFF MASTER of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots26517912387668.363054
BOLLY WOOD BAZZAR of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots26517912387668.363054
SPEED COPTER of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots26517912387668.363054
WHISTLING 100 of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots27720912495698.63193
SPEED 120 of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots27835912506701.683206
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
SUN FLOWER of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots28664912580722.43302
SPEED 240 of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots453429140811142.75223
AVATAR - 36 of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots557339150161404.56420
STREET FIGHTER of Nayagi BrandNayagiAerial Shots680119161211713.97834
1 1/4 Comets Standard - All varieties"StandardAerial Shots82491752195
1 1/4 Comets Standard - All varieties"StandardAerial Shots82491752195
Rainbow Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots82491752195
Rainbow Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots82491752195
Bomb Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots902918222.96104
Bomb Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots902918222.96104
1 1/4 Comets - All varieties"StandardAerial Shots1016919225.76117
Rohini Rocket / Lunik Express StandardStandardAerial Shots14129112835.84162
Rohini Rocket / Lunik Express StandardStandardAerial Shots14129112835.84162
12 Shots StandardStandardAerial Shots16049114540.6184
12 Shots StandardStandardAerial Shots16049114540.6184
2 Comets Standard - Fire Phoenics"StandardAerial Shots17659115944.52203
2 Comets Standard - Gold Dust"StandardAerial Shots17659115944.52203
2 Comets Standard - Lavender Lights"StandardAerial Shots17659115944.52203
2 Comets Standard - PyroFantasia"StandardAerial Shots17659115944.52203
2 Comets Standard - Red Coral"StandardAerial Shots17659115944.52203
2 Comets Standard - Royal Gems"StandardAerial Shots17659115944.52203
2 Comets Standard - Snow Balls"StandardAerial Shots17659115944.52203
2 Comets Standard - Spring Willow"StandardAerial Shots17659115944.52203
2 Comets Standard - Sun Flower"StandardAerial Shots17659115944.52203
2 Comets Standard - Garden of Eden"StandardAerial Shots19419117549223
2 Comets Standard - Garden of Eden"StandardAerial Shots19419117549223
12 Shots Musical StandardStandardAerial Shots20059118150.68231
12 Shots Musical StandardStandardAerial Shots20059118150.68231
Silver Jet Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots20599118652.08237
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
Silver Jet Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots20599118652.08237
12 Shots Crackling StandardStandardAerial Shots21399119354.04246
12 Shots Crackling StandardStandardAerial Shots21399119354.04246
3 Comets Standard - China Beauty"StandardAerial Shots25319122863.84291
3 Comets Standard - Dilli Beauty"StandardAerial Shots25499123064.4293
3 Comets Standard - Kerala Beauty"StandardAerial Shots25499123064.4293
3 Comets Standard - Crown"StandardAerial Shots29949127075.6345
3 Comets Standard - Fire Split"StandardAerial Shots29949127075.6345
3 Comets Standard - Magnolia"StandardAerial Shots29949127075.6345
3 Comets Standard - Star Circus"StandardAerial Shots29949127075.6345
3 Comets Standard - Star Dust"StandardAerial Shots29949127075.6345
3 Comets Standard - War Devils"StandardAerial Shots29949127075.6345
16 Shots StandardStandardAerial Shots31109128078.4358
16 Shots StandardStandardAerial Shots31109128078.4358
Missiles StandardStandardAerial Shots31279128278.96360
Missiles StandardStandardAerial Shots31279128278.96360
3 Comets Standard - Color Changing Balls"StandardAerial Shots32629129482.32375
Silver Ghost Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots32649129482.32376
Silver Ghost Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots32649129482.32376
3 Comets Standard - 1000 gems in the sky"StandardAerial Shots33689130485.12388
7 Shots StandardStandardAerial Shots34139130886.24393
7 Shots StandardStandardAerial Shots34139130886.24393
18 Shots StandardStandardAerial Shots36459132992.12419
3 Comets Standard - Night Parachute"StandardAerial Shots36719133192.68422
Parachute Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots37059133493.52426
Parachute Rocket StandardStandardAerial Shots37059133493.52426
3 Comets Standard - Violet Glory"StandardAerial Shots39119135298.56450
3 Comets Standard - Violet Glory"StandardAerial Shots39119135298.56450
56 Shots Standard - BombardoStandardAerial Shots921391830232.41061
56 Shots Standard - Electronic BombsStandardAerial Shots921391830232.41061
56 Shots Standard - Parrots PrattleStandardAerial Shots921391830232.41061
NameCompanyCategoryBase priceLess %Disc. PriceGST @ 28%Final price
56 Shots Standard - Twist & TurnStandardAerial Shots921391830232.41061
25 Shots Standard - BloomStandardAerial Shots1064891959268.521226
25 Shots Standard - Blue WondersStandardAerial Shots1064891959268.521226
25 Shots Standard - Cannon BallsStandardAerial Shots1064891959268.521226
25 Shots Standard - FantasiaStandardAerial Shots1064891959268.521226
25 Shots Standard - Shooting StarStandardAerial Shots1064891959268.521226
56 Shots - BombardoStandardAerial Shots12457911122314.161435
56 Shots - Electronic BombsStandardAerial Shots12457911122314.161435
56 Shots - Parrots PrattleStandardAerial Shots12457911122314.161435
56 Shots - Twist & TurnStandardAerial Shots12457911122314.161435
125 Shots StandardStandardAerial Shots20208911819509.322328
100 Shots Musical / Crackling StandardStandardAerial Shots20663911860520.82380
Speed 200 StandardStandardAerial Shots30090912709758.523466
Paradise 250 StandardStandardAerial Shots404169136381018.64656
Panorama 500 StandardStandardAerial Shots884689179632229.610191